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Modern Office

Occupancy Sensor Integration

Don't just reserve your space, manage it

Organizations have different goals and policies for their meeting rooms and workspaces. Our integration framework will work with most modern sensor devices on the market.  Built-in options allow you to control the what, when and how for each of your rooms. 

Improve customer experience and room utilization

Support use cases like automatic check-in or better manage drop-in space.  Remind meeting hosts when reserved rooms appear to be no longer in use and automatically detect no-shows releasing space back to your employees.  We also have options to integrate with room signs and display space occupancy directly to a floorplan on a kiosk.

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Effective visualization tools

Visualize the real-time occupancy status of your rooms directly in your scheduling software and/or in our OPS application. 

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Better data, better reporting

Collect true utilization data based on detected motion within a room including non-reserved usage (drop-in use, ad-hoc, etc.).  Accurately report on scheduled vs actual utilization to support key real estate decisions.

Multiple hardware options

Our integration service is hardware agnostic.  If you're looking to learn more about some of the leading commercial sensors on the market, or would like to leverage your own, contact us.

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