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7 Point Credit Card Payment Page: Processing Event-Related Payments the Easy Way

The shift to online credit card payments is happening faster than ever. And for good reason. Giving customers the ability to pay online rather than sending a check or making an in-person payment provides many benefits, including:

  • Convenience. Online transactions are fast, efficient, and can be completed by the people who rent your space whenever they have a few minutes and from anywhere they have internet access.

  • Touch-free payment experience. With online credit card payments, your interactions with event hosts can be handled entirely digitally.

  • Increased accuracy. By integrating online credit card payment capability with your event scheduling solution, you eliminate the errors that can occur with manual payment processing.

  • Time savings. Eliminating the need for manual check processing frees your staff to focus on other tasks.

  • Improved cash flow. Getting a check cut takes time and keeps you waiting for invoices to be paid. With online credit card payments, people are more likely to make their payment as soon as they get an invoice so that they can “check the box” on that task.

  • Fewer collections hassles. By reducing the number of checks you receive, you minimize the amount of time spent on trying to get bills paid.

  • Data security. Allowing your customers to pay their invoices online with our PCI DSS-compliant solution makes transactions highly secure.

Upgrading Your Payment Processing Is Simple

How can you capitalize on all the benefits above in a solution beautifully branded for your department or organization? By working with us to implement a 7 Point Credit Card Payment Page. We can have you ready to accept online payments within days, and our solution supports most popular payment gateways.

Convenience, accuracy, security, automatic write back of payment transaction data, and other benefits… They’re all within reach through our low-cost, subscription-based solution. Contact 7 Point Solutions today.


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