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Tasked With Maintaining Student Organization Info? Let Our Connector Do It for You!

Student organizations play a vital role in campus life. Recreational, religious, cultural, political organizations—they all enable students to enjoy favorite activities and interests and explore new ones.

These groups tend to be regular and frequent users of campus facilities. From membership drives to meetings and events, it seems they’re continually reaching out to the campus scheduling department to reserve space and plan their next gathering. Consequently, it’s essential that you keep their contact information current and complete.

That’s easier said than done, of course, as a school might have dozens to hundreds of student organizations and clubs, with members that join and leave them as first-year students arrive on campus and seniors depart. Fortunately, we provide a tool scheduling departments can use to complete data updates automatically.

The Hassle-Free Way To Keep Databases In Sync

Regardless of how many student organizations your campus has, you’ve got more important things to do than manually updating their information in your scheduling system every time a group elects new officers, appoints a new contact person, etc. That’s something the 7 Point Student Org Connector can handle quickly and efficiently for you while you focus on other high-priority tasks.

It establishes a link between a student organization database and your scheduling system database. Then, it retrieves current student group and officer information as needed to ensure the contact details in your scheduling database are always current.

This updating happens automatically, so your team can be confident that the information they're using is accurate. Scheduling pros know nothing is worse than having an urgent question about an imminent event and struggling to connect with the person who can answer it!

Tailored Solutions for Unique Needs

The base Student Org Connector effectively synchronizes student group and scheduling databases in most environments. But if you need it to capture additional information, we can customize it to meet your requirements.

And whether you use the base connector or a customized version, we provide complete installation service and attentive user support.

Learn more about the Student Org Connector and our other efficiency-boosting, time-saving, cost-effective products and integrations. Contact 7 Point Solutions today.


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