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7 Years for 7 Point!

Time flies. Back in 2014, three scheduling industry veterans started a company called 7 Point Solutions defined by a simple statement: We make your scheduling software… better.

We knew from experience that the cost of an organization’s scheduling software is one of its largest investments. So, we made it our mission to help universities and corporations get the most out of their systems. Since then, we’ve helped (and continue to help) hundreds of customers achieve their operational goals (for increased efficiency, productivity, etc.) through the use of our OPS application, other 7 Point products and some highly innovative custom solutions.

Along the way, we’ve had literally thousands of conversations with scheduling professionals who wanted to hear our ideas—and share theirs—about how to optimize their processes, support their scheduling teams and deliver an outstanding customer experience. We love being a sounding board for them, and with each discussion, we continue to expand our understanding of how the challenges that scheduling departments face are evolving and how our tools can continually evolve to meet those challenges.

7 Years of Gratitude

Sadly, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that 50% of small businesses have failed by the end of five years. What does our team feel having made it to seven? A sense of victory in getting past the five-year mark? Pride in our success? No, more than anything, we feel a deep sense of gratitude to our customers, industry partners and others who’ve enabled us to continue doing what we love to do.

We’re a small company that’s proud to say we’re built on old-fashioned values: hard work, integrity, respect and family. We develop and support solutions that, in our humble opinion, deliver tremendous value to our customers. But it’s our strong relationships with the people who use those solutions that we’re most proud of and motivated by.

Our 7 Point team is also grateful that through the support of our amazing customers, we’re able to “pay it forward.” Whether it’s giving our time to local schools, volunteering as crisis counselors, coaching youth sports or providing free lunches to healthcare workers and teachers during the COVID-19 pandemic as a small “thank you” for all they do, giving back to our community is important to us.

Mural painted at local school by Kem Wimett

Let’s Grab a Cup of Coffee

Our 50+ years of cumulative scheduling industry experience and skill in agile methodology enables us to deliver high-quality solutions on time, on budget and above expectations. We also provide amazing support that gives our customers reassuring peace of mind.

If you’re looking to get more from your scheduling software—and make your staff and customers happier as a result—we should talk. Let’s Zoom a cup of coffee at your convenience.


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