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A Client Quote Sums Up Our Approach to Scheduling Software Integrations

Let’s be honest: Despite all the tools we have for “staying connected” with one another, the world can feel like a very disconnected place these days. That is if you don’t make the effort to have meaningful conversations. And that’s as true for business relationships as it is for personal relationships.

So, when we get an unsolicited quote from a client like this, it’s great confirmation that our approach to business is as satisfying for them as it is for us:

"I really enjoyed working with you [Ed], Scott, and Mike. We had some amazing collaboration with you all and produced a fantastic solution that I hope you know was very well-received within the company and was the highlight of several internal awards. Working with you all at 7 Point was some of the best brainstorming, innovative, collaborative, and exciting work we did, and it was truly a pleasure."


Understanding Your Challenges and Opportunities

Is every project we work on at 7 Point Solutions an “award winner”? No, some are simply solid solutions that help teams work more efficiently and effectively. Do some projects have roadblocks and pitfalls we have to overcome? Absolutely.

But when we connect with our clients on a personal level and fully understand their technology challenges and opportunities, the process of getting to a very positive outcome is one that our team and theirs tend to enjoy.

Where You Get Your Scheduling System Integrations Matters

There are plenty of companies and individuals out there that can create a generic integration linking your scheduling software to other systems. But in many instances, your request will go into and your code will come out of a “black hole,” and the degree to which it meets your needs will reflect that.

Whether it’s our OPS solution, a credit card payment page, an event display integration, or some other initiative, we’re always eager to interact with the people who will rely on it—before, during, and after the project.

Looking for a scheduling software integration that makes your life easier from a company that makes developing and deploying the technology a very human experience? Contact 7 Point Solutions today.


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