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Reimagining Meeting and Event Operations in the Post-Pandemic World

If the COVID-19 crisis has taught us anything, it’s that technology can be a powerful tool for helping ensure the safety of event attendees and scheduling department team members alike.

With that in mind, and with signs that we’re finally getting control of the pandemic, many organizations are finding that it’s a good time to look beyond the stopgap measures they had put in place and reimagine their meeting and event operations for the long term.

7 Point Solutions You Can Leverage Today

Maximizing the safety of everyone who uses or works in your facilities requires a comprehensive approach that covers everything from how rooms are prepared for events and cleaned after, to how visitors are kept informed about health and safety measures.

Four solutions support these important efforts:

  1. OPS. Functionality in OPS assists with safety protocols in multiple ways. Because OPS seamlessly integrates with your scheduling system, setup information is always available in real time on any device. OPS also includes various tools including notes, logs and notifications to help your staff stay on top of rooms that need to be sanitized and when that work is completed.

  2. Event displays and digital signage. Meeting and event attendees want reassurance that the rooms they will be using have been cleaned properly. Signage can be used both to note that a room is unavailable because it needs to be sanitized and that it’s cleaned and ready for use, with real-time updates on room status available in OPS.

  3. Occupancy sensor integration. The pandemic has required organizations to rethink their real estate strategy to support more physical distance at meetings and events. Whether you’re considering consolidating space, adding more satellite locations or using existing space differently, accurate utilization data is key. Occupancy sensor integration can provide accurate numbers on how your space is actually being used (as opposed to relying on event reservations alone) as well as support various use cases including automatic check-in and cancellation.

  4. Lecture capture integration. Most schools expect to continue using hybrid learning models for the foreseeable future. Integrating your lecture capture software with your scheduling software enables you to ditch manual processes and automatically synchronize course schedules.

Enhanced Safety… and Much More

Revising your operations to enhance safety provides other benefits as well. Implementing the four solutions above can streamline how you prepare for, conduct and monitor meetings and events, making your teams more efficient. And, of course, greater efficiency leads to cost savings.

Plus, the smooth, highly professional execution of events enabled by these technologies can improve the customer experience, making visitors and administrators very happy. So, while we hope to never see another pandemic, putting the right technology in place today is to your advantage either way.

Are you wondering what your reimagined operations could look like? We’re happy to answer any questions you have. We can also provide a demo of OPS and our other solutions in a session that addresses your specific needs. Contact us at your convenience.


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